Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Andi's Diary Day 1 part 3

Break time was awful. The boys wouldn't let me join in the football because they said I was a girl. I went and sat in a bench by myself and watched the girls playing clapping games. I felt very lonely.
Back in class we had to work on a history project. As I was still working with the girls I had to do fashion and write about dresses and skirts, drawing pictures of them and then designing an outfit.
We were deciding between styles of skirt and blouse. I started to enjoy the work but still felt awkward in my in my dress.
At lunch Jenny and Liz called me over to sit with them. They said I was much nicer as a girl, quieter, more helpful and just, well, nicer. I blushed as I said thanks.
I had just thanked them for saying I was better as a girl than a boy!
After lunch was quiet reading. Miss Day helped me choose a suitable book. It was about girls at a boarding school and their adventures.
Afternoon break was better as I stood with Jenny and Liz and they tried to teach me a clapping game. It was much harder than it looked, but I did enjoy it.
After more maths it was home time and I completely forgot about changing and walked out the gates to meet my mum. Some of the boy's I thought were my friends pointed and laughed and jeered. I turned to run back into school but my mum and Mrs Smart were there to stop me.
I walked home with my mum in the dress hating every step as she commented on how pretty I looked.
Back home she had a surprise for me.
A girls blouse and skirt for me to wear all evening. The blouse was pink, with short puff sleeves and the skirt was black with pleats.
Mum said it was for my own good.
I nearly cried.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Andi's Diary day 1 part 2

Monday pt 2
Mrs Smart made me stand at the front of the classroom. There was a lot of sniggering and giggling. She announced that I was to be treated as a girl.
Susan asked what my name was? I guess they couldn't call me Andrew, and Miss Day suggested Andrea or Andi with an I for short.
Next they had to decide where i sat. I couldn't sit in my usual seat as that was on a boys table so they found room for me on a girls table, sitting with Susan, Liz and Rose.  Miss Day gave me a new exercise book and made me write 'Andi' on the front.  I was about to start writing when Susan whispered, "Miss expects our work to be really neat"so i had to try really hard to be as neat as the others. It slowed me down.
Liz and Rose giggle when i crossed me legs, ankle on knee as usual. "Girl's don't sit like that Andi" so i had to sit with my knees together and my ankles crossed or out to each side.The lesson was English and it was about a comprehension exercise.  I only just finished and unlike usual i was reluctant to call out the answers, which gave everyone a fairer chance to answer. The one question i did answer i even remembered to put my hand up and wait to be picked to answer.
At the end of the lesson Miss Day said "well done Andi."

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Andi's Diary day 1 part 1

Monday morning pt 1
Mrs Smart says I have to keep a diary now as part of my punishment.
I am being punished because I was rude to the girls in my class and then I answered back to me teacher, Miss Day.It was on Friday and we were having a quiz boys v girls and I called the girls stupid when we won and then when Miss Day said to apologise I said why cos it's true.
They called me mum up the school.  She had a long chat with Mrs Smart the head teacher.
They agreed that the punishment should fit the crime.
Mum came into school with me today and we went into the head's office.  She said that if I thought girls were stupid I should try being one for a while.  Mum made me undress and then she handed me a pair of pink girls knickers.  They even had white lacy trimmings. I pleaded with her not to make me wear them but she said I had to.  She made me pull them right up tight. Next I had to put on a matching vest. The head said I looked very pretty. My face was burning red with embarrassment.
Next I had to put on a red gingham uniform dress. It felt very strange. A pair of white ankle socks with a frilly top and black flat plimsoles completed my new uniform. I looked at me mum with tears in my eyes. Surely she'd stop this. But she didn't. She left and the Head took me to my classroom.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

First caption...

What to expect....

This collection is inspired by the site PJ's Tales of the Petticoated

You will find captions and stories relating to petticoat discipline. If you're looking for x-rated content you won't find it here.

I just hope my stories and captions are half as good!