Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Andi's Diary day 1 part 2

Monday pt 2
Mrs Smart made me stand at the front of the classroom. There was a lot of sniggering and giggling. She announced that I was to be treated as a girl.
Susan asked what my name was? I guess they couldn't call me Andrew, and Miss Day suggested Andrea or Andi with an I for short.
Next they had to decide where i sat. I couldn't sit in my usual seat as that was on a boys table so they found room for me on a girls table, sitting with Susan, Liz and Rose.  Miss Day gave me a new exercise book and made me write 'Andi' on the front.  I was about to start writing when Susan whispered, "Miss expects our work to be really neat"so i had to try really hard to be as neat as the others. It slowed me down.
Liz and Rose giggle when i crossed me legs, ankle on knee as usual. "Girl's don't sit like that Andi" so i had to sit with my knees together and my ankles crossed or out to each side.The lesson was English and it was about a comprehension exercise.  I only just finished and unlike usual i was reluctant to call out the answers, which gave everyone a fairer chance to answer. The one question i did answer i even remembered to put my hand up and wait to be picked to answer.
At the end of the lesson Miss Day said "well done Andi."

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